Protection Monitoring

Fully Protected

Protection Monitoring provides the basic essentials for home protection. It covers you for intrusion, fire, environmental hazards and life safety conditions.

100% Cellular

Some alarm systems fail because they depend on landline phone or internet connections. If a burglar cuts those lines, the system is useless. FrontPoint is different. All communication between your home and the FrontPoint Monitoring Center is cellular, so it still works if burglars cut the landline.


For most customers, their alarm system's top priority is to keep out burglars or other unwanted intruders. FrontPoint's 100% cellular monitoring is practically burglar-proof. Find out how cellular means safer.

Fire Protection

Fire can be as devastating as burglary. Professional monitoring is crucial to fire protection, so help arrives as quickly as possible.


Yes, elements in the environment can hurt you, or damage your home. Dangerous gas, such as Carbon Monoxide (CO). Extreme temperatures that might cause your pipes to freeze and burst. Water leaks or flood. FrontPoint's comprehensive monitoring protects you against more than intrusion!

Life Safety

What if someone in your house suffers a medical emergency? FrontPoint monitoring includes 24/7 professional monitoring for "life safety" – any situation in which you or your family's health is threatened.

24x7 Professional Monitoring

FrontPoint's Monitoring Center is one of the highest-rated monitoring facilities in the country. We are on the job every minute of every day, keeping vigilant, to keep you safe.


We chose FrontPoint because it was the least expensive way that we could find to get what we wanted from a security system. We liked the system so much I even convinced my boss to get Front Point at his house and he loves it too.

Jessica Kramer

You can set up customizable alarm pin numbers for EACH person that has access to your house — you can disable any of these codes without interrupting your own, or without having to redistribute access to other people.

Karen Pike Jennings
FrontPoint Security

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