With free FrontPoint apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone, you can turn your smartphone into a safephone. They're great for iPad and other tablets, too!

You want to protect your home and family every minute of every day. But you can't always be there. FrontPoint's smart technology takes the worry out of being away. Every FrontPoint system starts with our Control Panel, which is the operations center for your system. You're the coach, but it's the quarterback.

At work, on vacation or out to dinner. Monitor your house round-the-clock, from wherever life takes you. It's interactive, so control is at your fingertips. You'll get instant notification any time a home sensor triggers an alert. With Geo Services you can even leverage your phone to automatically provide location-based input, for greater convenience and personalization.

  • Setup and Use

    First, download the app to your phone. It's FREE and it's easy. Use the apps to monitor, control and interact with your home security.

    • Arm or disarm your system
    • Track entries and exits
    • Watch live video
    • Schedule lights to go on or off
    • Enable Geo Services

    You can customize your system, on the go. Just access the FrontPoint customer portal at We'll notify you instantly if a sensor triggers an alarm, or someone enters the home or any restricted area. If you opt for Geo Services, you can receive real-time activity alerts based on your physical location. The system will track your mobile phone to know if you enter or leave your customized "geo-fence," and respond accordingly, depending on the rules you give it.

    Vacations are for relaxing, and that means leaving your worries behind. FrontPoint smartphone apps let you enjoy vacation more, knowing that all is secure. The apps also offer an affordable, reliable way to protect vacation properties when you can't be there.

    Working parent? You want to know your kids are safe every minute of the day. FrontPoint smartphone apps can notify you the instant kids arrive home. Live video lets you know what they're doing and who they're with.

    The Interactive Monitoring or Ultimate Monitoring plan is required for free mobile apps and Geo Services.

  • Tech Specs

    Download an app now! It's FREE.

    The Interactive or Ultimate Monitoring plan is required for free mobile apps.

  • Our Customers Say It Best

    "I use the iPhone app all the time and it works great. If I happen to walk out the door and forget to set the alarm, I just set it from my phone in my car."
    Jessica K., Maryland

    "Love using my iPhone app to arm and disarm my house. The push notifications notify me on my phone and via text message on my phone. Great stuff!"
    Tommy G., Ohio

    "I've had FrontPoint for almost a year and can't imagine being without it! Easy to setup, easy to monitor and the online and iPhone apps are fantastic! Forget to set the alarm? Not a problem, arm it from your phone, disarm from your phone. Use the video feed and check in to see what is going on inside or around your property. Fantastic system that is light-years ahead of other security systems."
    Mark H., Pennsylvania


We chose FrontPoint because it was the least expensive way that we could find to get what we wanted from a security system. We liked the system so much I even convinced my boss to get Front Point at his house and he loves it too.

Jessica Kramer

You can set up customizable alarm pin numbers for EACH person that has access to your house — you can disable any of these codes without interrupting your own, or without having to redistribute access to other people.

Karen Pike Jennings
FrontPoint Security

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