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Know what we love? Giving our customers the best products and best knowledge available. So, here is some basic buying advice we think you’ll find pretty awesome.

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Personalizing your peace of mind

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Determine your needs

• Not all people or homes are alike. Take a quick inventory of the goals you have for protecting your home
• Learn more about the specific protection Frontpoint offers for your peace of mind


Start at the front door

• 90% of all intrusions happen through the front door
• A door sensor is a sure-fire way to keep tabs on who’s coming and going


Cover all ground entry points

• Windows: These can be covered by Door and Window Sensors, Motion Sensors, and Glass Break Sensors. Window Sensors may not be effective if a window is smashed by an intruder. Motion Sensors and Glass Break Sensors cover wide areas and multiple windows, and are often times a more effective and affordable way to protect areas with many windows.
• Doors: Consider placing a sensor on every ground-level door


Make sure you monitor more than intruders

• Place a monitored Smoke and Heat sensor near sleeping areas
• Place a Water and Flood Sensor in the basement or near the hot water heater
• Place a Freeze Sensor in the basement or near pipes that could freeze in lower temperatures


Second floor and beyond

• While it’s less likely that an intruder will enter somewhere other than the ground floor, it’s still important to make sure upper floors are monitored for environmental threats 
• Place a monitored Smoke and Heat sensor near sleeping areas
• Place a CO sensor in sleeping areas to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

Let’s walk through iT  together

Just like every other aspect of setting up a system from Frontpoint, we’re here to help you find just what you need. Use this interactive tool to explore all the ways we can  make your home and everything inside it more secure

House Diagram
close Smoke/heat sensor

Detects smoke or rapid temperature rise

close CO

Triggers alarm for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide

close Garage door sensor

Detects garage door opening

close Door sensor

Detects the door opening

close Control panel

System centerpiece. Receives alerts from the sensors and signals the Monitoring Station.

close Heat sensor

Detects high temperatures or rapid heat rise

close Signage

Makes burglars think twice about messing with your house

close Water/flood sensor

Triggers alarm when in contact with water

close Signage

Makes burglars think twice about messing with your house

close Camera (indoor only)

Generates live video feed of activity within the house

close Motion sensor

Detects people moving within the area

More questions?

We’ve got tons of answers! Check out our blog for more information and other great tips.

This Could Be the Start of Something Safer

This could be the start oF something safer

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